non-slip bath mat without suction cups

Non Slip Bath Mats With or Without Suction Cups

We offer bath mats and shower mats that provide safe footing with or without suction cups. Our mats are imported from Italy and are made with the finest materials and attention to detail.  

If you have a refinished or reglazed bathtub or shower, then you need a bathmat without suction cups as suction cups will damage your refinished (re-glazed) surface.  

Our no suction cup bath mats are designed with inverted cups that provide guaranteed non-slip safety without damaging your bathtub or shower floor surface. They are the ideal for bath mat for refinished (reglazed) tubs or showers.

Our non-slip Milano series of Euro Luxury bathtub and shower mats have been enjoyed in homes in Europe for years. We recently began offering them in the United States. Made from the finest quality rubber and designed and manufactured with focus on detail, the end result is a luxury mat superior to anything else sold in the United States and offered exclusively by Non-SlipBathMats.

All of  our mats are mold resistant, easily cleaned by putting them in the washing machine.

We ship all bath mats Priority Mail delivery.  If orders are received by 9 AM EST on a weekday, the bath mat is shipped the same day.

For years of enjoyment and safety; order yours today.  Just click on the “Shop” button.


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