No Suction Cup Shower Mat


Shower mat for refinished shower. If you have a shower that has been refinished or re-glazed you cannot use a shower mat with suction cups as it will damage the surface. This shower mat has no suction cups that will damage the surface.



No Suction Cup Shower Mat 

If you have a shower that has been recently refinished or re-glazed, this elegant Italian made anti-slip shower mat with no suction cups assures maximum non-slip footing while enhancing your bath room. Regular suction shower mats with suction cups will damage your surface. This no suction cup shower mat will not. It has Active Suctioning™ that assures maximum non-slip footing no suction cups. It is made from the finest of material that will enhance and protect your shower for years to come.

Shower mats with no suction cups are very hard to find. Save yourself another expensive re-glazing cost by ordering yours today.

We ship all bath mats priority mail delivery.  If order received by 11 AM EST on a weekday the bath mat shipped the same day.

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UPC: 867090000316


Color: White
Size: 23.5” X 23.5”
Machine Washable
Mold Resistant
Dirt Resistant
Hygienic and Easy to Clean
Will Not Discolor