Are Non-Slip Bath Mats Really Necessary?

Non-Slip Bath Mats has become one of the most popular household items all over the world. In most modern houses, it would be uncommon to not see any non-slip bath mats inside. The reason for this is simple: it’s safe, cheap, looks and feels good, so this could be a great investment.

What is a Non-Slip Bath Mat?

non-slip bath mats

Just like any bath mats, it is designed to dry your feet so you won’t make the floor wet after coming out of the bathroom.  But, unlike a regular bath mat, non-slip bath mats are also designed to prevent injuries or accidental slippages caused by wet floor.

It may be shocking to you to know that most injuries at home are caused by slipping on a wet floor. These injuries are often fatal and you certainly don’t want that to happen at all. Another thing to mention is that, non-slip bath mats feel more comfortable than regular bath mats while look good at the same time.

They are primarily made of vinyl and rubber and are easily machine washed and air dried; nonetheless these mats are sleek, comfortable, and extremely useful.

Different Types of Best Non-Slip Bath Mats

  • Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial.
    • Simple bath mat that is designed to not stand out
    • Made of BPA-free vinyl, never worry about toxic chemicals.
    • Cheap and can provide plenty coverage.
  • Fiber soft Bath Mat
    • Luxurious, feels and looks like a fancy bathrobe.
    • Softest compared to other bath mats and can absorb water really fast.
    • Safe for health and environment.
    • Very lightweight.
    • Machine washable, but best to hang dry to avoid shrinking.
  • Microfiber Bath Mat
    • Soft and quick-drying material.
    • Anti-skid backing material.
    • Absorbs water quickly and keep your feet clean.
    • The mat will always dry thanks to thousands of individual shag microfibers.
    • Make sure to wash it regularly with a machine or hands to prevent mold and bacteria from developing.
  • Memory Foam Bath Mat
    • Very comfortable to use by cushioning your feet.
    • Absorb moisture quickly and keep your feet dry and clean.
    • Machine washable and dry faster than other materials.
    • One of the most affordable materials for non slip bath mats.
  • Cotton Bath Mat
    • 100% natural cotton, perfect for people who like cotton.
    • Quick-drying, super-absorbent material.
    • Luxurious and free of harmful chemicals.
    • Machine washable.
    • Environmentally friendly.
  • Bamboo Bath Mat
    • Unique design.
    • Smooth, sleek and minimalistic.
    • Affordable and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Keep your feet and floor clean and dry.

Non-Slip Bath Mats vs Anti-Slip Bath Mats

While non slip bath mat and anti slip bath mat might appear like the same thing at the outset, they are essentially different.

What makes them different? One of the biggest differences is the multiple suction cups. Suction cups are responsible for sucking in the excess of the water which dries out the surface completely.

While anti slip bath mats do not come with suction cups, they are powered by an adhesive that keeps them firm and prevents the possibility of slippages. Although this is a great feature, these types of mats not as effective or efficient as the non-slip bath mats, since with extensive use, the adhesive might lose its initial efficiency.

So if you’re still indecisive on which bath mats to consider, we would recommend you to go with the former.

How to Use Non-Slip Bath Mats?

Using these bath mats is as simple as regular bath mats. Place it in places that separate the bathroom from the rest of the house. If your bath mat has suction cups on the bottom, make sure to put it firmly on the floor, so it won’t move when being used. And since non slip bath mats are easily washable, make sure to wash it regularly to get rid of mold and other harmful bacteria, and unpleasant smell.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that you’re interested in getting it for your house, what are the things you should know before shopping?

First thing first is safety. Choose bath mats that can actually protect you from slipping on wet floor.

Suction Cups are the crux of non slip bath mats. Thanks to these cups, the mats can now conveniently soak in the excess moisture. And we also provide no suction bath mats.

Second is design. There are so many different forms that you can choose, some design might be perfect in your house while some others might not.

Note the Washing step. It is important to check if you can indeed wash it in a machine. Additionally, also check if the mat retains its color and appearance even after multiple washes. Only buy the mat when it does indeed retain the color.

Durability: It is always better to choose a mat that works in terms of durability. Usually, most non slip mats are durable. However, you can always double-check with online reviews to see if it actually makes the cut.

Last but not least is budget. These bath mats are available at many different price ranges. Make sure that you’re getting the most with the amount of money that you’re willing to spend.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own non slip bath mats to keep everyone in the house safe, dry and clean, at